GM328A Component Tester Review

After seeing one of these cheep component testers on Julian’s youtube Channel i decided to get one and here’s my short review.


Prices seem to range between £9.60 – £12 depend where you purchase it from.

Available here 

or Ebay








First of you will notice its very basic device, its just a PCB and doesn’t come with any enclosure of any sort and operated from just one button!
Power is supplied via a 9v pp3 battery which is monitored when using the device for low battery warnings ect.

There is a ZIF connector for easy connections to components and some PCB pads for just simply touching components on. Also there’s a 3pin PCB socket for custom test leads or maybe in circuit testing.

The Green back-lit graphical LCD is very clear and very easy to read. Unfortunately mine arrived all scratched but Ive just most likely been unlucky .

**UPDATE it was only a protective covering film that was damage and removing it to reveal a flawless display**

As mentioned earlier due to only having 1 button , this control everything from powering on to testing a component or  selecting a menu option.  It seems to be accurate enough for the average hobbyist

Transistor testing:


The b,e,c labels on diagram makes it easy for the pin-out.










Resistor measuring:









Capacitor measuring:









Other extra functions include a basic frequency generator , Rotary encoder tester , 10 bit PWM generator  RC servos ?:


Frequency generator












  • Loads of functions
  • Good price
  • Nice easy read display
  • Portable size



  • Only one button makes extra functions and menu navigation not always so easy
  • No manufacture enclosure available to buy ( User 3d print versions are on net) needs a case really to contain the loose battery.



Overall i think this a good little tester and ideal for the hobbyist electronics tool box.  I think i will design and 3d print a case at some point to contain the battery and protect everything.

In my opinion would give  4/5


My 3d printed case coming soon !



I thought my LCD was scratched, but closer inspection proved it was only a protective covering film, which can be peeled off to give a flawless display!


    Hi David , Your right it was the protective covering film, feel slightly silly but happy its scratch free, will amend my post. Thanks for your message.

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